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Protect Your Child's Best Interests

Talk to a child support attorney in Lincoln, NE

Going through a divorce is stressful and emotional for everyone involved—especially if you and your spouse have children. You want to make sure that your children get the support they need. Call Eddy M Rodell Attorney at Law if you have questions about child support in Lincoln, NE. As a child support attorney, I’ll help you come to the best child support agreement possible.

How is child support determined?

One of the biggest factors that determines the terms of a child support agreement in Lincoln, Nebraska is income. This can be complicated—your income could change seasonally, or you could be self-employed. A child support attorney will make sure that the court understands your unique situation and takes these factors into account.

The court may also look at other factors to determine the child support calculations, such as:

  • Cost of health insurance for the child
  • Other child support orders in existence
  • Retirement contributions and student loans

Trust an experienced child support attorney in Lincoln, NE to help you prepare for the process. I’ll meet with you to discuss your situation and work hard to achieve the best possible conclusion. Call my office today to schedule an appointment.