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Family Law Attorney
When Nebraska individuals need assistance with a family law issue- divorce, paternity, visitation matters – they are faced with many complex, often confusing issues.

  • What will an attorney do?
  • How do I navigate the system?
  • What should I expect?
  • How are issues affecting the children decided?
  • How are financial and valuation issues decided?
My Nebraska family law practice is focused upon helping clients facing complex family law issues to make informed decisions about their future. Throughout the process I educate my clients on the applicable law and procedures that are necessary in their case. The aforementioned questions are all answered early in the attorney/client relationship.

Divorce Attorney in Nebraska
Divorce can be one of the most emotional experiences in a person’s life. When an individual gets married, there is the expectation that the marriage will last forever, however, often times problems develop and divorce may be the only alternative.
Nebraska law is considered to be a “no-fault” law, meaning that the court does not look to place blame or fault upon a party, the court is just concerned about whether the marriage is irretrievably broken. The court wants to know whether or not any further attempts at counseling or reconciliation would be beneficial in saving the marriage. If no further attempts would be beneficial, you may qualify for a dissolution of the marriage, otherwise known as a divorce.
Some divorce cases are simple and have very few issues, however, a majority of cases involve numerous issues which can be complicated. These issues could range from custody of the children, to parenting time, to asset valuation or debt allocation.
I try to explain to my client throughout the representation what they can reasonably expect to happen. I advise my client about the legal and factual issues involved in their case, as well as the need to consider the financial and emotional costs of various options for handling their case.
Due to the emotional and traumatic nature of the divorce process, it is important to provide the client with a roadmap of the process and to have discussions with the client of the issues and options. My experience has shown that by providing the client with the roadmap helps to ease their anxiety and enables them to make informed decisions about their case.

Child Support Lawyer
Child Support is an issue that the courts will require the parties to address anytime minor children are involved. Child support is calculated in Nebraska based upon an individual’s earning capacity. There are often times complex issues involved with determining what an individual’s actual earning capacity may be due to self-employment, seasonal work, or many other factors.
Once an individual’s earning capacity has been determined, the incomes are then used to determine the child support. In some instances additional deductions may be used to decrease an individual’s earnings. These deductions may include but are not limited to the cost of health insurance attributable to the minor children, other child support orders in existence, retirement contributions and student loans.

Paternity in Nebraska
Paternity actions can be filed by one of the parents of the minor child or by the State of Nebraska to establish child support. Under either case, it is important to have legal representation to ensure that your rights are adequately being represented.
If you are the parent who has the child living with them it is important to protect yourself by obtaining an Order from the court granting you custody of the child. If your child is not living with you it is important for the court to make a finding of paternity in order for you to exercise your parental rights to visitation and other matters.
As a parent, in most cases, is important for the child to have both parents in their life. As is the case in many paternity cases, the parents are no longer together in a relationship and discord between the parents often happens. By having an attorney, you can be led through this minefield of problems and can reach a resolution that both you and your child will be happy with.

Criminal Defense Attorney
Being charge with a crime can be scary situation. If convicted of the offense, the conviction can stay on your record for your lifetime. If you are being charged with a felony, you may be facing additional restraints, such as loss of voting rights, or your right to possess firearms. More important, you could be sent to jail or prison.
Due to the seriousness of the situation everyone should have an attorney when facing criminal charges. Not everyone is entitled to services via the public defender’s office which is why you should consider hiring Rodell Law Office to assist you with your concerns.
Throughout the legal process I will explain to my client what to expect from the courts and well as what they can do to help their own case. I will thoroughly go through the applicable law with the client to ensure that the client can make an educated decision as to how they want to proceed with their case. The power and resources of the government will be against you during this process and you will need someone capable of fighting back.

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